Wherever You Work Or Play

VIAM lives at the intersection of technology and the great outdoors. We take pride in helping people enjoy the highest level of connectivity in some of the most remote locations imaginable. We do it by bridging the gap between wherever you need to be and everything you need to keep in touch with.

We have a long history of delivering innovative solutions for clients that include cellular carriers, ski resorts, local governments, private estates, parks, energy companies and utilities.

By working closely with our partners and providing best-in-class technology solutions, we’re able to bring underserved locations up to speed quickly with the very latest in telecommunications.


Core Values

Our clients appreciate our ability to pull together resources that address problems and deliver solutions quickly. They also know us as a company that won’t compromise on our core values:


We believe the only way to build long-term relationships is to be completely truthful with the people we work with through every phase of every project.


We are always up front about the way we operate because we know that bad news or uncomfortable truths will eventually always rise to the surface.


We fully respect and support the right to privacy of all the companies and individuals we work with.

Respect for the Environment

We frequently work in pristine locations and do our utmost to preserve the integrity and natural beauty of each one of them.

Never Give Up

Developing communications solutions in rural locations requires persistence, which is why we don’t quit.

Keeping Things Simple

Developing communications is complex interdisciplinary work, however, we always do our best to simplify things as much as possible to deliver the best results.

Our Founder

Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson is an entrepreneur and outdoor enthusiast with more than 25 years of experience in telecommunications. Throughout his career, Jeff’s focus has always been on solving real-world communications problems – like enabling 4G wireless in remote locations in the Rocky Mountains or helping the World Cup meet the telecommunications needs of every player, fan, press person and local dignitary in attendance.

After years of doing business around the world and working with best-of-breed communications, Jeff often became frustrated when he couldn’t keep in touch and stay productive in the places he most wanted to be – ski areas, national parks or remote mountain communities. Realizing that there were millions of others who shared this frustration, he founded VIAM with a unique vision – to help people conduct business and stay connected, wherever they travel.

Jeff earned an MS in Telecommunications and MBA from the University of Colorado and currently serves as an Industry Advisor to the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program at the University of Colorado.

What sets VIAM apart

Our commitment to your success is supported by our:

  • Interdisciplinary approach to technical, business and regulatory challenges
  • Unmatched expertise in the geographical challenges of rural areas
  • Deep-seated, relationships with regional network service providers and carriers
  • Streamlined delivery using proven proprietary methodologies
  • Global program and project management acumen in directing multitudes of stakeholders and entities to deliver results quickly
  • MSA-based relationships with national wireless and wireline carriers

Taking on the complex telecommunications landscape

The process of developing successful communications solutions is multi-dimensional and complicated. It involves a deep interdisciplinary understanding and an ability to coordinate across all dimensions of any given project:


Data and voice


Understanding of capital and operating costs across a wide variety of solution inputs


Wireless: mobile, fixed point-to-point, satellite
Wireline: fiber optics, twisted pair, coax


Ability to work with and manage many people horizontally across many disciplines and vertically within large complex organizations


Ability to work within communications, property, health and safety, and all other regulatory domains


Site acquisition, site development, wireless and wireline carrier internal processes, design, development, construction, integration