Resorts & Parks

Millions of people visit resorts, state parks and national parks each year for the unparalleled beauty and unique experiences they offer. When they arrive, they expect a communications network that can provide the outstanding coverage, capacity and reliability they’re used to at home or in the office.

Unfortunately, delivering such a connected experience can prove extremely difficult due to limited infrastructure, the rugged terrain and the remoteness of the location. But if visitors don’t get the coverage they expect, they may choose to shorten their stay or to opt for a different location on their next trip.

Case Study

Taos Ski Valley engaged VIAM to make long overdue improvements to existing wireless communications, including the development of a long-term solution for providing greater wireless capacity, coverage and service continuity. In recent years, the dramatic rise in bandwidth demands (due to smartphones, tablets and other devices) had overwhelmed this remote and pristine resort. Existing infrastructure simply did not have enough capacity to handle call volume demand or cover important areas within the resort. It also lacked continuity, with frequent service interruptions and outages.

In response to these issues, VIAM developed a short-term solution to address immediate capacity problems at existing cell sites so customers and employees could place calls. Next, we developed a multi-phased plan to deploy additional communications infrastructure, including fiber optic cabling and antennas to meet the resort’s needs for capacity, coverage and continuity. VIAM worked across all technical and regulatory disciplines and in close coordination with the wireless carriers, local fixed wireless and wireline providers to make this happen.

Enriching The Outdoor Experience

VIAM embraces the difficulties that come with these rugged places. In fact, our love for the great outdoors and our passion for world-class telecommunications drives everything we do. It’s why we’re able to design, implement and operate complex wireless solutions in some of the most challenging locations around. For resort owners and park operators, we deliver the communications services that keep visitors around longer and keep them coming back for more.

While it’s true that the costs of setting up networks in remote or mountainous areas can be high, the cost of not doing it in places like ski areas or national parks may be even higher when you factor in visitors’ expectations for connectivity or safety, search and rescue costs. Today’s consumers demand to be able to surf the Internet from their campsite or make business calls from the chair lift. VIAM offers the experience and the innovation to create cost-effective network solutions that make these expectations a reality.