VIAM works with utilities as a trusted partner – helping them improve efficiency and maximize return on investment. SCADA data plays a vital and ever-increasing role in the success of any utility and presents multiple opportunities for us to assist. For example, we can help utilities to:

  • Leverage existing infrastructure to improve data flow
  • Generate more bandwidth for managing and monitoring applications
  • Relay monitoring and metering information from electrical substations back to a central location
  • Monitor and optimize key assets
  • Leverage existing communications to generate additional revenue streams

Case Study

A Rural Electric Utility COOP had developed an extensive fiber optic network to serve its operating needs. As the network grew, the COOP found that it could generate additional revenue streams by serving its private and commercial customers. The COOP wanted to continue to expand its communications business.

Through its relationships with the leading wireless carriers and extensive understanding and experience in wireless communications, VIAM partnered with the COOP to provide cell site backhaul services to the leading wireless carriers. As a result wireless service coverage and capacity were expanded in the COOP’s territory, thereby improving productivity for local businesses, enhancing public safety and creating an environment that compelled outside companies to relocate and invest in the area.


VIAM helps oil & gas companies take on take on complex challenges with high-bandwidth network solutions geared toward their specific objectives. We provide a complete array of services, including:

  • ‘Large pipes’ to transport ever-increasing field data back for centralized analysis
  • Deep understanding of what it takes to develop communications in rural and remote locations
  • Temporary solutions that meet short-term or transient needs resulting from changing market conditions
Our extensive experience delivering communications solutions in rural and remote regions, allows us to understand the special needs of oil & gas clients:
  • The rural environments they operate in
  • The massive amount of money at stake with each local operation
  • The bandwidth bottlenecks they experience resulting from mobilizing large teams and collecting vast amounts of data
Our solutions offer oil and gas companies:
  • Communications support for remote field operations, including voice and data
  • Integration of remote operations with leading wireless carrier infrastructure
  • Remote data collection and transport for centralized analysis
  • Solutions that meet each phase of the project from exploration to ongoing operations