Private Landholdings

Millions of acres around the world are owned by private individuals. While these vast ranches, estates and compounds provide incredible retreats, they often lack even the most basic telecommunications infrastructure for Internet and cell phone connectivity. This can make it difficult for property owners to spend extended periods of time on their own land.

VIAM works closely with landowners to set up and maintain carrier-class telecommunications systems. With our help – even when these individuals are getting away from it all – they’re able to stay connected to a world that often demands split-second business decisions.

Case Study

Our clients wanted to enjoy their large rural landholdings while staying connected at all times with their global business operations. Unfortunately, they lacked the communications infrastructure to do so. With limited or no mobile wireless connectivity on their extensive property, they and their guests were unable to reliably conduct business from the place they wanted to be the most.

We began by developing an understanding of their specific needs. First, we prepared an inventory of existing communications assets. We then prepared a communications strategy that identified mobile wireless coverage, capacity gaps and other property requirements. Next, we performed an RF analysis for new antenna locations and outlined requisite infrastructure for delivering the solution. In the end, we worked with different mobile wireless carriers to provide service on the property, oversaw the construction of infrastructure and the turn-up of services, and provided ongoing operations support.

Keeping People Connected

Bringing infrastructure to private land holdings is highly specialized, custom or bespoke work. As a trusted partner, VIAM helps land owners handle issues involving:

  • Rights of way across both public and private land
  • The Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management
  • The choice for big towers versus more discreetly placed smaller antennas
  • Working with the major carriers for service
  • Technology selection
  • Designing solutions to meet their unique requirements
  • Construction

As with all of our business dealings, VIAM always exercises the utmost discretion and confidentiality in dealing with high net worth individuals who do not want people to know where and when they make their escape from busy city life.