Communications is the lifeblood of commerce. That’s why VIAM works closely with local, state and federal governments at every level to develop telecommunications strategies that can achieve desired economic development goals.

Case Study

The Village of Taos Ski Valley, a small rural municipality located in an incredible mountain setting and host to residents and tens of thousands of skiers and outdoor enthusiasts had communications infrastructure unable to keep up with the demands of the leading wireless carriers. The infrastructure lacked the capacity for the carriers to provide quality services and did not support moving to 4G services. Coverage and continuity of service were also extremely constrained. For years, residents complained, but nothing happened.

VIAM worked closely with the municipality to develop a multi-phased plan to improve communications and then set about working with the existing wireline and wireless carriers and other local resources to develop the infrastructure necessary to improve communications.

Empowering Whole Communities

We work with municipal governments to help them monitor and meter public utilities like water and gas. We help state governments work with private enterprise to pursue common interests like connecting banks or universities. And we work with national governments to assist with things like connecting stock exchanges or pursuing development goals.

There are a lot of reasons why governments turn to VIAM for telecommunications support, including:

  • Improving public safety
  • Attracting business and investment
  • Providing critical communication services that serve the broader community