Mobile Carriers

Mobile carriers count on VIAM as a trusted partner for developing needed infrastructure and providing network-based services in remote locations. We have successfully improved capacity, coverage and continuity at cell sites in the toughest terrain that mobile carriers face – from steep mountainous areas to the massive Western plains with limited or no communications infrastructure to work with.

Case Study

VIAM was engaged by a wireless carrier to provide a wireless backhaul solution in Durango, Colorado between their remote cell site and switching infrastructure using fiber optic-based transport. It was a hard problem to solve because it required extending fiber optic cable across government land to the top of a local mountain.

By working with numerous local resources, navigating rights-of-way issues and overcoming difficult construction obstacles we were able to successfully complete the fiber construction project, deploy Ethernet backhaul services and deliver a carrier-class solution enabling the carrier to execute its 4G strategy in the region.

Expanding Networks

National and regional carriers are constantly working on closing coverage and capacity gaps by "filling in the map" but sometimes they lack the resources and local knowledge to pull everything together. When they need assistance developing a solution, we’re able to jump in to provide:

  • Transport infrastructure and solutions including fiber and point-to-point wireless
  • RF site solutions including macro cells, small cells and DAS
  • Network-based backhaul transport service including Ethernet
  • Integrated solutions including all of the above
  • Migration to next gen architectures like C-RAN

With our assistance, mobile carriers are able to meet a wide range of objectives, including:

  • Improving coverage in remote yet important areas without outrageous operating costs
  • Employing the latest (4G) technology to compete with other carriers
  • Improving network continuity by reducing outages
  • Reducing costs
  • Establishing and maintaining adequate capacity
  • Expanding and monetizing existing assets and networks